How’s that for a highfalutin’ title?

Go West and the Paleface were on the silver screen Monday night at the Paramount.

It would seem that local hero Bill Frisell had the foresight and good taste to compose and release his own soundtrack for Go West. While this was not the score that organist Dennis James played, I realy love Frisell’s moody, impressionistic playing. The titles Frisell uses give a reasonable facsimilie of the film’s plot.

I enjoyed both films, and Go West features one of Keaton’s traademarked oversize chase scenes as a closer. Dressed in a long-tailed, horned devil suit, he is chased through the streets of Los Angeles by one thousand head of cattle. The rushing stampede of the crowd anticipates the consternated mass of Tokyo’s terrified denizens in films that feature a giant lizard Best Not Named For Fear of Absurd Cease and Desistzillas.

One thought on “Keaton in the American West

  1. It’s nice that you are finally giving Michael Keaton his due. Oddly, you never mentioned “Mr. Mom.”

    *ducks and runs*

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