The Donk breaks new ground in blogworld personality journalism, bringing us an exclusive interview with Anthony ‘The Moo’ Moussa, the genius behind the web-side reality show that is NJGUIDO.COM.

The Moo goes into some depth, bringing us a detailed look at the philosopy behind the lifestyle.

Guido to us is living the good life and completely enjoying our youth, it is prolonging our youth and being free of all the things that make uptight people soo damn uptight.

So, don’t forget, party like a rockstar, and I understood The Moo to be inviting us all to his pad later.

How can I put this? I don’t mean a word of this ironically – I think the interview is wonderfully interesting and funny. The Moo is bringing us a slice of his life – or, more accurately, bringing his peers a slice of their lives. It’s like the old black and white club photos we’ve all found in our elder’s shoeboxes.

One thought on “KG has 'the Moo!'

  1. My thoughts exactly: I really like The Moo’s writing and worldview. I’m avoiding irony as well.

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