Ran Prieur runs material on pitas.com reglar like, and it’s a mix of funny, scathing, and maybe a bit over in the too-smart category. Me, I likey the too-smart. THis week, he interviews: [reverb=10 reference=butthole surfers]SATAN satan satan.

Among other things, forget about that Osama guy, never mind looking for the Bush connections: the Prince of Darkness has been pulling the strings all along, just like the fundies always suspected…

RP: And what are you trying to get done? What’s your goal?

S: What do you think? The total extermination of all life. Hate it!

RP: Life.

S: Stinking, breeding, blubbering, wallowing blob of wormy pus, squirming around, making noise, spreading everywhere. You can’t control it. You never know what it’s going to do. Life! I hate it! The only thing to do is wipe it out, everywhere, forever.

RP: So nothing left but rocks and sand–

S: No! Are you deaf? Even rocks are screaming with life. Messy edges, atoms bouncing around singing. What I want is absolute perfect eternal nothing.

RP: Suppose you get it. Then what?

S: (long pause) OK, you’re right. It’s not the having — it’s the getting. What I enjoy is the act of hating and destroying. Or no, what I enjoy is the feeling of it, that cold fiery tightness, your heart shrinking in on itself like a black sun of raging indifference. Ah, yes. Every time someone feels like that I’m there too, like a giant invisible mosquito perched on their shoulder sucking their blood. If you look close you can see me.