Wah! Well, I’m all scattered! I have TOO MUCH TO DO!

Suffice to note that I have some sort of new job, doing marketing copy and other things for once and future employer M-2K again – that starts Monday. Also, this past week, I did my first driving-in-traffic since I was 16 or so and it went well.

I also have to finish transcribing the Lasky-Stump interview, build screens for the house, do the dishes, laundry, and cooking, and frankly I forget what else.

The results are in from SIFF with the Golden Space Needle Awards, and guess what? Three of the films I caught were honored, and one I didn’t see but wrote about was too!

Milwaukee, Minnesota, the film noir I enjoyed but with which I was puzzled due to the strange performance choies made by the director and lead actor was honored both for Mr. Troy Garrity’s lead perfomance with a 2nd-place Best Actor award and also as the Winner of the New American Cinema Award.

Jamie Hook’s The Naked Proof won an honorable mention in the latter award as well.

Molly Parker’s performance in Marion Bridge won a 3rd-place runner-up for best actress, and Brock Morse won a 4th-place runner-up for Best Director for Westender, presumably an acknowledgement of the film’s desert sequences.

The big winner, though, was the just-about-in-wide release New Zealand-set film, Whale Rider, carrying Best Director, Best Film, and first runner-up for Best Actress, validating the possibility glimpsed in the trailer.

I was disappointed and puzzed to see that American Splendor was not honored – perhaps the award from Sundance and reception at Cannes made it ineligible for consideration. In my opinion, of the films I saw, it deserved best screeplay, director, and actor for both originality of vsion and execution.

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  1. Mike Whybark back at M2K makes feel all young and fresh-faced again. Remember when I was young and fresh-faced, Mike?

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