The Naked Proof: Seattle Filmmaker Does Good

Jamie Hook leans against the coffee shop window, talking a blue streak. He’s been tweaking sound for The Naked Proof, his feature-film directorial debut, discussing the production process on the “romantic comedy.” The film is a comic look at the unraveling – or rebirth – of philosophy grad student Henry Rawitscher, who begins having possible hallucinations of a “Very Pregnant Woman.” A SIFF selection, The Naked Proof premieres at the Egyptian on June 13, at the Cinerama.

Editing notes:

The original title and cutline were “A Priori Knowledge: A brief dissertation on The Naked Proof.”

A well-intentioned cut in the paragraph above left the theater from a showing of the film that preceded the pressdate of the paper, resulting in the confusing impression tha the film will be playing at both the Egyptian and the Cinerama on June 13. It won’t; it’ll only be at the Cinerama.

Here is a link to the other piece I have in that ish, a review of the Canadian film Marion Bridge. This is the review where I apparently did not follow herd practice in the use of a 10-point rating scale.

One thought on “Naked Proof article at Tablet

  1. Editing kibbitizing: I agree, the new headline is yucky. But as an editor, anytime anyone handed in an article with the title “a brief dissertation….” I, too, would rewrite. People reading movie reviews don’t want to read dissertations, and it doesn’t really tell us very much about the movie, although it has a link to the academic theme.

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