No flat file backup’s yet emerged.

Disk Warrior 3.0 can be downloaded directly from the Alsoft website, so that’s a good thing. But it failed to fix the problem. So I’m gonna have to reformat the volume. Which means picking through the bogus drive by hand to try to keep as much of the data on the disk as possible.

The source of the problem is multifold; first, when Bellerophon crashes, I typically don’t take the time to run the various disk-fix procedures on the drive, because running something like DW on the volumes will take about 8 hours on the slow, elderly machine.

Secondly, there was some pre-existing file corruption down in the bowels of the drive that led to difficulties in attempting to back up – so instead of finding the bad file and dealing with it I kept putting off dealing with it. Oops.

Finally, the corruption in the b-tree happened to hit in such a way as to prevent the various tools from fixing the disk. The fickle finger of fate, indeed.

So, I spent spome time prepping the substitute server to multihome and so forth; it’s running the venerable QuidProQuo under OS 9.1.2, and is a 9500 with a g3 upgrade. I do have it set up to boot into OSX as well, but haven’t set up mail and PHP and all that good stuff. Yet. In theory, it’s also to act as a backup server. Oops!