KUOW’s Weekday, a morning call in show for the birkenstock and doc crowd up here in God’s Country, will be featuring weblogs for its call-in topic tomorrow at 9am 10am.

Having, I believe, heard Jim Flanagan stump for his ingenious community event, “Drive Yourself to Work Day,” on the phone lines of the very same show I hope to hear a bit from him and my fellow peeps tomorrow morning.

The GeoURL-based seablogs might prove a handy resource for the KUOW people, as well.

UPDATE: I thought this was airing at 9am, but Anita Rowland notes in my comments that it’s at 10am. I’m looking for a confirmation, but haven’t found one; perhaps the station announced the show sometime during the day today when I was off doing other things.

Ah, here it is: Weekday at Defective Yeti, the blog of slated guest, Mathew Baldwin.

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