NSLog(); – itms:// Links – intrepid persons have sussed out the URLs in use by iTunes under the Music Store, now canonically called ITMS after the URL schema Apple’s using.

I assume, therefore, that someone will be buildng my requested in-browser review interface to the goods available.

It’s worth noting that there’s a discussion on the site concerning the eMusic/iMusic comparison I blogged a day or two ago. Unfortunately, the discussion doesn’t appear to shed much light on anything. It’s more a ‘Apple rox0rs! you suck, indie losers!’ vs. ‘no we don’t!’ kinda thing. Albeit more politely expressed than my summary.

So let’s see, now:


Does indeed return an XML doc that incudes the material from Howlin’ Wolf I was wondering about.

So, iTunes to plug holes in the collection takes a step toward viability.