poupou: i, blogger: Poupou reflects on some of the things that, in their more abstracted ways, Eric and Chris have been thinking out loud about.

Eric and Chris are thinking about social software and collaboration behavior as developers and academic theoreticians, citing papers and so forth. Poupou’s posing the questions in a way which reflects a user orientation. Good for her!

She forecasts the imminent death of chat and notes the need for audience-sensitive content filters; a kill-file the blog author controls; then, huzzah, she points to a roll-your-own implementation for MT under PHP from the aptly self-proclaimed Scriptygodess, savior of all MT users and guiding hand behind the MT Plugins page.

Personally, I fall in to the ‘anonymity? why?’ camp; but in the entry and in some thoughtful comments by Coop my ‘why’ is answered.

It’s true I won’t be publishing material here I don’t want my parents to read; but it’s also true I have not published material here I don’t want the DOJ – or Rush Limbaugh – to read.

In the first case, it does mean I haven’t sat down and devoted an hour of serious writing to, for example, an intimate sexual encounter. Does it also mean I never will? That’s uncertain.

In the second case, I’ve already noted that I’m unhappy with this self-imposed restriction; however, it’s organic and not strictly a reflection of blog-ness and the age of zero anonymity.

There is a third case of content filter which determines what goes up here and what does not, and that’s the desire not to publish fairly finished source material – quotes, mostly; interviews, as being largely quotes, fit this rule – prior to professional publication of pieces drawn from the source matter.

That is to say, the blog supports professional activity, and is intended to act as a point of presence for both Mike Whybark, who woke up one day knowing he was a fool to not have thought seriously about writing; and Mike Whybark, underemployed webchicken.

In which case, um, maybe the sex writing shouldn’t appear there ayway, yes?

There’s more for me to say about this, but I’ve been told it’s time for bed.

7 thoughts on “MC Poupou on the CMC

  1. Who is not thinking about collaboration as an academic theoretician? C&E are citing literature? Musing vs serious? Am I being sensitive?


  2. yes, you are.

    Here’s the deal: your observations offer me a higher degree of direct utility than Chris and Eric’s because their presentations – self-organizations of the material – are overly abstracted for the casual reader (i.e., ME) and also lack case-specificity.

    Your post on the matter appeals to me and successfully initiated dialog because it was case-based and developed its’ themes based on what the user is experiencing or desiring.

    I did not mean to imply a lack of seriousness on your part. An abundance of obfuscatory abstraction, so easy to fall prey to in an academic presentation, is no determinant of seriousness.

    (Chris and Eric, I’m not slamming your materials either – but I’m probably not going to chase down your references, so my nuanced understanding of your discussions will suffer, obviously.)

  3. I guess I just dont see where the references are coming from, except other blogs and web materials…although in fairness I havent read all the posts. I realize I am being contentious here, I am just sensitive on this matter (i.e. suporting claims with empirical evidence or a citation to scholarly literature; issues of authority, and so on.) I’m not a fan of punditry.

    Anyway sorry for being reactive, something inside me went ARGLEBARGLE!. I dont want to make a bunch of people mad.

  4. Well, that’s right – they are citing other bloggers. Which is what i meant. The bent of the citations, though, is what I (currently a non-academic) think of as academic – ruminative, generalizing, theoretical. Which is fine. Fun, even.

    But I prefer a more direct, active authorial style, at least on the web. Which your post provided.

  5. I agree with Mike, this post was more meaningful to me than some of the abstracts they’ve been talking about. Even though I’m married to one of them. Ooops.

  6. You guys and your resistance to punditry. I’m never going to get going on this bloggy stuff if I can’t wax around in abstraction. That’s where I live.

    I could post like this: Orange, 4 ft sqare, left of blue, equal size, both above red, receeding to black, all framed in white. Step back, again, one more time, it’s an eye, staring back at you. What does it say? Does it speak? Are you listening?

    Most people seem to see blogs as a medium for expression. It’s cool all the different ways people express much the same thing: There’s interesting stuff going on in and around me, I thought I might share.

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