A couple people, non-Hoosiers, on Facebook excitedly noticed this release. Great, effectively edited trailer.

I wanted to call their attention to a couple of related compilation records, one originally released in the 1980s and then rereleased a few years ago by the original label, and another that released last year covering a similar set of bands as the older record.

The first record is of course Gulcher’s 1980 classic Red Snerts. There’s a couple copies on YouTube, I won’t link over here. I did find an old Angelfire site that provides access to the original LP’s graphics and inserts.

The second is Time Change Records’ “Early Indiana Punk and New Wave, the Crazy Al’s Years, 1976-1983” The easiest way to grab it is by buying it on iTunes.

Family Vineyard, who are releasing the DJI record, has a great track record and interesting releases covering significant aspects of this tradition in Indiana as well. Worth looking through their releases.

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