This gig, doing print layout, is totally fun. I spent years doing this stuff, beginning literally before the advent of desktop publishing when the Mac first came out in 1984. I was somewhat unsure if I would be at sea or what but given my even-longer-term familiarity with Adobe’s tools, this gig is somewhat like falling off a log. I’m even working at home, on my own gear – a lesson learned from Steve M., who emphasized that smallholder skilled workers could, in fact, control the means of production. I’ve never lacked a computer at home since that conversation.

The upgrade-go-round fiasco seems to have mostly ended, one laptop to the bad. I suppose I will source a mobo on eBay and revive the thing as I did with the MPT I killed last year.

I suppose I should excavate stuff of FB from the past six months as I did last post flurry.

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