Bears Explained (sort of) is part two of Anne’s examination of a three-ish zine she helped instantiate circa 1990-91.

I contributed variously, and am enjoying the rummage. I’ve dug out my copies and will scan this and that from them.

The zine was called Bears on Text and consisted of loose xeroxed sheets in mylar bags. It was somewhat more intellectual than many other zines but just as personal and oriented to the idea of a small, probably personally connected audience.

2 thoughts on “Bears on Text

  1. Let’s just say this BOT retrospective project is taking a lot more energy than I ever imagined it would. How the hell do you do these week-long KGP extravaganzas? I have to go lie down now.

  2. grit, johnny walker black, and visions of a certain kind of embarrassed-yet-pleased friend.

    no, make that maker’s mark.

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