Geez, it never rains but it pours.

Lots of stuff in the fire. All for upcoming publications so I can’t really talk about it. But still. I believe my long-mulled interviews project is beginning to boil and bubble away. The last piece for the puzzle is a tech publication that might be interested in material drawn from q-and-a’s with various prorgammers and UI people.

See, I think there’s a link of some kind between the music I like and the computer programs I enjoy using, and that link is, essentially, individuals with a creative vision anchored by community. That could be the blogging community or the Mac user community or the punk rock community or the bluegrass community or even, for god’s sake, the stochastic recording artist community.

(cite: Iannis Xenakis. Man, nothin’ gets my toe tappin’ like the sound of an SM-58 roasting in an open fire. Uh, yes, it’s in French. Here’s something in English.)

Anyway. I’m kind of excited. Now to think long and hard about how to turn this neat stuff into the long green so I can keep doing it.