Working on getting a test implementation of PageFlip 5 up in service of a site refresh for the venerable Tussin Up archive.

Docs here.

The developers offer a 14-day test license and thereafter a freebie for blog publicity along the lines of this entry.

An initial bump in the road: this here install of MT4 has developed a leak in the form of a text-entry field that does not render fully in certain circumstances, preventing access to extant entries and the creation of new ones in some use cases. So I may have to get under the hood here a bit just to get things rolling.

Whatever, it’s something I should be doing every day anyway – I still need to go back and isolate the non-rendering entries as a part of the migration project anyway.

UPDATE: The work around for this text-entry problem is to create the entry using QuickPost and then to access the entry via Manage Entries. The post will load but not display the body copy.

Clicking “Preview” will cause the UI to successfully load the body and make it available for editing and entry. Not a good long term solution.

It does imply that there’s a database query that’s failing on the initial pageload, which might point to a change in MySQL versions.

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