Yesterday was a hectic day, with several chores running concurrently in various locations around the house and record-breaking heat all day. the animals were whiny and uncomfortable and my sweat-slicked nose couldn’t hold my glasses in place. Often when I perform a task I need to take my glasses off in order to see detail over a larger area of my field of view. For example, attaching computer cables under a desk, or doing accounting data entry and record keeping.

Therefore, all day, in seven different areas of my house, I was taking off and putting on my glasses. When Viv arrived home, I believe I was wearing them, but by the time I served dinner, they were misplaced. Viv and I looked all over the house twice yesterday and in the end did not find them. All I want to do today is look for them, but I have several things I must do today and devoting time to looking for the specs is not on the list.

I am very irritated.