lta-mail is an informational page on Hewlett-Packard’s website exploring a new intraoffice mail delivery system initaitive intended to demonstrate the many efficient ways that Compaq and HP are merging corporate cultures and adding value for shareholders the world over.

[A big TYVM to hot tipper Eric! Your prize is already lost in the mail!]

(And in contrast to the snarky tone above, I found this fascinating, and you really should read Josh’s explanation of how it works… hint: it’s computer guided, rather than hand-guided.)

One thought on “You've got Blimp!

  1. I am not comforted by the fact that a blimp is moving paper documents around in arguably the largest computer mfr in the world. Even if it is a computer-guided blimp. Aren’t these folks supposed to be moving in a higher plane of digital? I feel like I’ve been sold a pig in a poke.

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