I think back in the day I may have noted that the 1993 computer game Zeppelin – Giants of the Sky was available at at abandonia.com. I had hoped to find the the Internet Archive was implementing a PC gaming equivalent to the Internet Arcade, but no luck.

Someone has released an accurate looking, well-modeled implementation of the Zeppelin NT for the somewhat moribund Microsoft product Flight Simulator X. Also available: scenery for Cardington NAS in the UK, and the USS Macon.

The comprehensive mod – really, something akin to a complete recoding – of FSX called Wings: Over Flanders Fields has recently incorporated zeppelins. I am unclear if the zeps are pilotable by the player or if they occur as AI elements of the sim. It seems likeliest to me that they are playable.

Unfortunately, WOFF is a daunting product to buy and install, as it requires a valid copy of FSX in order to operate, and is relatively pricey itself.

In 2011 and 2013, Anders Gidenstam released several LTA models for the open source FS FlightGear. The models on his page describing them look fairly raw, but he has also modeled several interesting types including an early Great War UK Navy sub spotter with a simple open control car slung under the envelope and a free balloon, something I have never seen modeled in looking for FS LTA.