MovableTypeZeitgeistPlugin, from Jim Flanagan of Everything Burns, is a plugin for Movable Type (duh) to allow one to implement Jim’s astonishing Zeitgeist search-engine referrer report.

It’s purty neat.

In the tin-foil and baling-wire department, I’d like to announce that Athena, an elderly (maunfacture date July 1994!) Macintosh of the 9500 model variety, has undergone successful XPostFacto-assisted OS X installation (yeesh) and will soon be functioning as a backup or mirror or something for poor dear bellerophon. The lovely dowager sports a G3 daughtercard upgrade and a brand-spankin’ new PCI Firewire card, which should help keep me from totally losing my mind as I try to schlep files around.

In the “yorg” department, some part of the 10.2.4 March 24 security update is making my main desktop computer not see bellerophon. Foo.

Happily, it’s wholly limited to said desktop unit. But still.

4 thoughts on “Zeitgeist

  1. Must encode emails here. I’m such a layabout.

    Update on post security update oddness: it’s specific to one IP address. Since the update is aimed at fixing some SSH thing or other, could it have locked out any given IP address that had a valid key under the prior implementation?

    That would be convenient – as long as Apple bothers to inform the end user. Mebbe I missed the memo. In which case it’s a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS!

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