The New Yorker: Letter from IraqThe Bombing of Baghdad, by Jon Lee Anderson
(from March 31, 2003 issue)

The second strike came on Thursday evening, and when I looked out my window I noticed that several Iraqis were sitting on lawn chairs on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to a small hotel nearby, as if nothing much were happening and they were just enjoying the fresh evening air. There were three big hits quite close to us, but across the river, and we watched the fires from our balcony. We could see a few cars driving around, even over the bridges. Dogs barked, and the river looked as calm as olive oil, with just a shimmer of motion on the surface.

Hallucinatory piece on last week in the Iraqi capitol. I was interested to note that I had a site vistor from recently, on a search request for “crispin glover singing.”

Another interesting visitor of late originates at – always to the front page, with no link referrer, probably as a result of the proxy configuration in Kuwait. I wonder – could it be Sgt. Therron Thomas, of the Indiana National Guard?

UPDATE: Nope. Not him.