Beginning in early February I started running on our treadmill again, the fourth year (I think) I’ve taken a crack at it. I picked up the treadmill cheap on craigslist about four or five years ago. It’s pretty heavy duty, at the upper end of home-market machines and ran about $3000 new. I paid less than 300 bucks for it excluding delivery.

The first time I tried to use it I nearly immediately gave myself tendinitis and had to wait a long time to heal. After that I used it effectively for several months, eventually getting up to a bit over 20 miles a week. The year after that I used it for a week and either just stopped or developed a baker’s cyst that meant I was done for a year. This year no early-onset injuries cropped up and it seems to be going smoothly. This should be a seven mile week and after next week, the weekly distance additions are more than a mile a week at a 10% ramp.

Just as ever, the people who talk about excercise being fun and something they enjoy and look forward to apparently do not inhabit my body. I hate every second of it. Still, it has to be done.