Hours more spent today on gummy food version 2. I did not come up with a reasonable fish mousse recipe, but a version of that cod-potato casserole did get made, something closer to this than the prior posted receipt. Despite a fair amount of waveoffery I ran both taters and cod thru a blending. Basically, it looked like extremely fine-grain mashed potatoes going into the oven.

I did give thought to steaming and then pureeing cauliflower as a side, but my cruelty has a short reach. Instead I went back to the carrots and greens of yesterday, this time going with kale and going a bit long on the carrots by adding fresh ginger and turmeric, heading in a soupish direction.

I’m actually kinda beat! Each one of these dishes requires the food be fully cooked, then pureed, so compared to what I might do on a normal night – one or two one-pot stovetop dishes, a salad, and a microwaved frozen vegetable – my cook time was at about three hours instead of the usual thirty minutes.

As a result, the dog got shortchanged his usual two long dog-park visits of a weekend and had to make do with the regular cemetery ball-toss, truncated as expected on weekends in order to minimize impingement on mourners. We did not see the coyotes today but in the spirit of scientific inquiry Logan took it on himself to lick a stray turd presumably produced by a peer. Eeyurgh.