Viv had a tooth out today, which was trying for both of us but in the end not that big a deal. The dentist is located on the shore of Lake Washington in the extremely well-to-do neighborhood known as Madrona, and with the gloriously sunny weather it was a lovely drive over this morning.

She’s to be on a mush food diet for a couple of days so I knit my brow to come up with a decent dinner. In the end I served poached eggs on polenta with pureed cooked carrots and finely chopped spinach. I did something spectacularly right with the polenta because it was like eating some sort of soft, spicy cheese.

While we were out at the pharmacist I idly checked my email to find a note from my London-based internet friend Sumit wondering about my absence from Twitter. I wrote back explaining. I was very glad to have heard from him as although our exchanges have been brief and reflect the compression of the medium I recognize my relationship with him as important to me and he had been one of the folks on Twitter I knew I would most miss.

After Viv went to sleep I spent some more time wrestling with my setup for Rise of Flight. For years I have been frustrated by unaccountable difficulty with TrackIR, an infrared-based head-motion tracking system which, when it works, becomes an essential aspect for POV style games such as RoF. Last week I thought I had solved this issue by applying it directly to my forehead. Earlier this week it became apparent that I had not.

Eventually it became clear that the issue was that I had sufficiently moved the infrared camera as well as the three-point tracking reflector widget from their design-intended relative locations that it was not gonna work the way I had hoped. So I went back to the drawing board.

In the end, I found a short strap made of stiff black nylon webbing originally made for use on a small piece of luggage. A bit of fussing, and it became a headband, to which the widget is no affixed in reasonable emulation of the designed position on the brim of a baseball cap. I was able to successfully fly a couple of scenarios with this in place, so, huzzah.

Like, what else? There was a white dress that was a blue dress, and Leonard Nimoy died. Still ploughing thru Imperial to no accountable purpose. My ex-bandmate announced he has cancer and needs cash to help with treatment. Waiting on my accountant to return our books so I can get to the next stage in our taxes for last year. Started on the post processing for a shoot, imagine that will be done Monday. Looked for gigs on Craigslist, no plethora of product photography to be found. I imagine I’ll start tossing some retail items up next week.