Long day of driving (by my standards, anyway). At about noon Sunday I headed over to the Issaquah highlands west of Tiger Mountain and south of Lake Samammish to do a Craigslist pickup of a Lillberg loveseat. I brought the dog with the intent of a stop at the north end of the lake, at the expansive offleash area in Marymoor Park.

He surprised me by clearly recognizing the area as we drove in. To my knowledge this was only his second visit there since he’s been with us. I suppose it’s possible he might have gone there with shelter dogs but that seems somewhat unlikely as his shelter was based in Snohomish County.

All went well, and we returned by driving north through Woodinville to Kenmore around the north end of Lake Washington. I had reset the trip odometer as I set out and happened to glance at it somewhere about halfway through; it showed about 45 miles. So I expect we drove around 90 miles in total, arriving back home at about four.