It’s 9 pm on February 12 and in the fifties. The birds and the plants think it’s spring.

Tonight after dinner I jollied Viv into an hour of Wii Rock Band Beatles, which may actually be the first time I did that since I bought it for her years ago.

We’ve been working through miscellaneous shows at dinner. Tonight was an episode from the first season of Space: 1999. Looks like there are sixty-odd total episodes, so at a rate of one a week it should be late fall by the time that winds up.

We’ve also been looking at Agent Carter (this season, not sure what network) and Wolf Hall (a too short six episodes, not set for PBS airing until April).

My gutter replacement went well and the cracked-foundation leak did not even in our recent biblical aerial riverine flood event. I still have to get the leak sealed and all but at least I can defer burning the two thousand dollars in the street until another astrologic milestone has whizzed by overhead.

Anyway. Time to fire this up again, maybe. Not that blogging about tv and home improvement is worthwhile (yeah yeah, there’s coyotes, dogs, adoption psychology, frail elders, blah blah fuckin blah). I think, maybe, I only post stuff online for some future me – god knows, I appreciate the archives here, because my memory is soft cheese on the way out. So maybe that merits a pixel or two, or not.