​see/​spo/​487729… – 12:01 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @egypturnash but hurry, supposedly the sale may end the elevator operators, presumably by dint of new elevators – 03:18 AM GMT
@egypturnash miz hepzibah! – 03:30 AM GMT
@egypturnash boola boola pensacola hulla-ba-looo – 03:34 AM GMT
@egypturnash i grew up with like 90% of the original books. eventually, I got these: – 03:39 AM GMT
@egypturnash looks like I gotta change a couple bulbs​6a3klJjqgL – 03:42 AM GMT
@egypturnash the top one is from ’69. the bottom one is Krazy Kat tribute from ’63. That one might be all WK. By ’69 it was studio-style. – 03:50 AM GMT
@egypturnash iirc, the early 60s still used studio assignments but it was flexible. by ’69, WK was main char ink only. I am a poor source. – 03:51 AM GMT
uh oh. just discovered Sunny is on Prime. I have, uh, four seasons to work thru? – 04:29 AM GMT
Sunny is kinda like DS9, but funny, and for me at least, something i actually want to watch. Someday I’ll get back to Bajor. – 04:31 AM GMT
@esinclai @azender they are up to s09 on Amazon, implying s11 or s12. – 04:37 AM GMT
@esinclai @azender (i have s01-03 on disc) – 04:37 AM GMT
RT: @hodgman: .@FaustMN or right and obviously MODOK – 05:16 AM GMT
RT: @hodgman: Obvs I am reading the MODOK Wikipedia page now. That MODOK is from Bangor just seals the deal. I HAVE BEEN THERE MANY TIMES #hodgmanforMODOK – 06:16 AM GMT
RT: @FrankConniff: Let’s not allow Brian Williams’ lies about being in Iraq diminish the fine work he did telling us the lies that got us there. – 06:31 AM GMT
@esinclai @azender “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – 01:11 PM GMT
@esinclai @azender​cPIQTxoAhB – 01:21 PM GMT
@praguepainter print tweet, hang on wall – 01:22 PM GMT
aargh eyes popped open at 5 am with a solid plan to implement remote streaming with an old AEX in the basement. – 05:15 PM GMT
after some sleepyhead cable builds finally got everything rolling. – 05:15 PM GMT
naturally I had to look up some functions for the a/v remote (they weren’t available) – 05:16 PM GMT
realizing that, I put the manual and the remote down and went back to futzing – 05:17 PM GMT
once I got the AEX sending audio to the amplifier successfully, I looked around for the remote again – 05:17 PM GMT
There’s the manual. WHERE’S THE DAMN REMOTE? – 05:18 PM GMT
Clearly, I walked off with it while preoccupied and have put it somewhere safe for the time being, such as the freezer or perhaps a box. – 05:19 PM GMT
RT: @mo_ali: Store attaches headless mannequins to drones and flies them by office windows to sell clothing –​QeU4rlgmV8M – 05:21 PM GMT
RT: @stwallskull: Drew a picture of @hodgman as MODOK in support of his destined role. Write your congressperson. #hodgmanforMODOK​YFutEvlWWD – 05:26 PM GMT
ah. naturally. with the salt and pepper in the dining room. as one does. – 05:39 PM GMT