@vicecanada @mollycrabapple @ganzeer @LeavittAlone holy crap, that stuff is GREAT – 01:22 AM GMT
@deathmtn conservation of mass? momentum something something? leveraging the automobile investment to reduce labor costs? etc etc – 01:24 AM GMT
@mollycrabapple @vicecanada @ganzeer @LeavittAlone i want that money. i mean, you know. um – 01:24 AM GMT
@johnmoe @wits could you get Gar to sub? – 02:08 AM GMT
RT: @guardian: Dozens detained during demonstration outside palace ball in Vienna trib.al/​aGDuE5V – 02:08 AM GMT
@josephconrad_ @LeavittAlone ugh oh god hell no even 1980 was better. i mean as lived childhood years go. – 02:10 AM GMT
I MOVED A COUCH BY MYSELF ok it was just from one room to another but still – 02:11 AM GMT
@josephconrad_ it’s not 1979. Ronald Reagan was shot, for starters. or was that 1981? my point is, childhood sucks. – 02:14 AM GMT
@josephconrad_ to be clear, at the time, Ronnie taking a bullet was a total highlight. The Lennon thing right after sort of altered that. – 02:17 AM GMT
RT: @Ihnatko: I’m going to just say it: after seeing how brilliantly Marshawn Lynch handled Media Day, I won’t be at all unhappy if the Seahawks win. – 03:15 AM GMT
@Ihnatko aw, Andy. I love Boston, but Seattle is home. Reading that makes me very happy. This Brookline first-grader gives you a hug. – 03:17 AM GMT
aw yiss both bast and anubis pic.twitter.com/​4gTGkWw696 – 03:49 AM GMT
@manwhoyells i know a baba ghannouj song! – 03:50 AM GMT
@AriTruscan what sort of anarchy would ensue if the law were simply handed out for free, like community college tuition? – 07:22 AM GMT
@AriTruscan I believe last time we spoke it was via Michael Moorcock, but memory is an unreliable narrator – 07:31 AM GMT
@mighty_flynn @flipflopflying the yet-to-be Marlins Man -Ichiro grip-and-grin! A thing to anticipate! – 07:35 AM GMT