@mubay grounds – 12:59 AM GMT
@mubay also, “calm” and possibly either “ships” or oh “cars” – 01:00 AM GMT
@wasta well what with the terlets and all – 04:30 AM GMT
@AndOtherness @astralsocialite @DeclanROwen iirc they once selflinked on metafilter. glorious. Mom I Gave The Cat Some Acid a big fave. – 01:05 PM GMT
@cstross cool! cc @mcpheeceo and @archiestore – 06:30 PM GMT
RT: @johnmoe: Besides, only Lynch is giving interviews that deconstruct the entire noton of sports interviews. Straight up Derrida in shoulder pads. – 06:35 PM GMT
@naxuu I saw the finest millennials of my generation destroyed by madness – 09:26 PM GMT
@naxuu millennials are moving to Starving and hystericizing nakedness – 09:27 PM GMT