FB irritates me 24/7 and then a thread about a YA landmark engulfed in flames becomes a discussion of misremembered creepy poets – 12:02 AM GMT
@AlpacaQueen77 antmelder.files.wordpress.com/​2014/​06/​tumblr… hell yes (guitar / uke swap meaning ymmv) – 12:05 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone ACTUAL LAWLS – 12:05 AM GMT
Seattle: what say we knock off early Monday on account of East Coast blizzard? – 12:07 AM GMT
RT: @getfiscal: BBC: “Athens bans protests as Greece hosts EU meeting” yeah, assembling in central athens to discuss issues is not what democracy is about – 12:08 AM GMT
@naxuu yeah – 12:09 AM GMT
Patrick Stewart on Tavis. awww – 12:49 AM GMT
@mallelis @LeavittAlone but which rob lowe? meathead? paranoid? – 12:53 AM GMT
RT: @mubay: @mwhybark #JeSuisCôteEst – 12:57 AM GMT
RT: @lectio: False spring. – 12:58 AM GMT
RT: @CamCoEMCOMM: Nothing like a 45 degree day before a snow storm to give you false hope for early spring. – 12:58 AM GMT
RT: @ShaunMHunter: “the whole city, in its beautiful false spring, running with freshets/storm sewers roaring.”P K Page, “Chinook”#SundaySentence – 12:58 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt referent or link? no idea wotcheronaboot – 01:10 AM GMT
@pjern dehydrated? – 01:10 AM GMT
@pjern viv had a bloodsugar issue a couple years ago, we did nipot ID BP as basis but could be – 01:11 AM GMT
@pjern she is insulin-dependent diabetic since infancy so it was odd on two levels. they thought we were diabeetus idjits; we ain’t – 01:13 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ah. weirdly, i thought displacement was the metric. but whatever, fuck that ship. SINK YOU SHITHEEL – 01:16 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ideally, bankrupting your son. – 01:17 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt side note: on a boot – 01:18 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt there’s good in everything, my clueless hippy trustafarian bros tell me – 01:19 AM GMT
if you watch Dark Crystal and mentally substitute “girlfriend” for “gelfling” hoo boy – 02:20 AM GMT
the sneaky pets got us to feed them twice tonight within minutes of the first evening feeding – 03:26 AM GMT
RT: @sculpin: “You say ‘botched’, I say ‘folk process’.” – 03:30 AM GMT
RT: @WriterLe: This bootleg DVD of Spike Lee’s OLDBOY features a very honest review on the cover: pic.twitter.com/​it45CkDoas – 03:42 AM GMT
@ardaniel what lol – 04:29 AM GMT
@ardaniel makes sense, really. say, as often as free headphones. – 04:31 AM GMT
@ardaniel a) you’re a hero wherever regardless and b) YAAAY – 04:33 AM GMT
@keithpille so different vape supply shop? – 05:26 AM GMT
@ezrakilty we remembered the guy, btw. – 05:44 AM GMT
@ezrakilty yeah, lotta happy memories. the pizza joint next door has memories from when I was about 10, hope they are OK too – 05:57 AM GMT
@rgay @LeavittAlone wait lemme guess it’s always gonna go out with tomorrow’s mail or the next time we do a check run or log in to paypal – 06:05 AM GMT
sleeping with the window open in January more or less at the 47th parallel. wtf – 07:10 AM GMT
@misskeli come on down to the big ol’ weapons giveaway – 07:11 AM GMT
big old black dog snoring at the foot of the bed – 01:47 PM GMT