@billbarol so win-win! – 12:48 AM GMT
@hell0jed you know a lot about cars, it’s an area in which you feel confident to exert control and express opinions. – 12:53 AM GMT
@hell0jed i know that I have developed areas of expertise in direct response to feelings of helplessness in other areas. perhaps this maps. – 12:53 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone superhero origin story – 12:56 AM GMT
@phirephoenix about 15 years ago I moved on after being told I should get “preventive fillings” for my “pre-cavities”. Still no cavities. – 01:04 AM GMT
@naxuu … something something IN BED – 01:05 AM GMT
@gjcharlet šŸ™ – 04:36 PM GMT
@sabrinabonus empathic, self reflective robots – 04:41 PM GMT