Coyote again. She howled earlier. I was able to sight her as she did so, otherwise she just looks like a log. (2/2)​2jmfJuNCpX – 12:27 AM GMT
Being reminded of how I dropped the cake mid-toast at Viv’s 40th. All true. – 03:03 AM GMT
RT: @ccastellanossf: #XFiles2015 – 05:03 AM GMT
heard the coyote howling tonight too – 05:32 AM GMT
@JoeTheDough i have an autographed 1st ed hb copy of Dark Alliance! – 04:29 PM GMT
@deathmtn that’s what I use, when I need that. There’s a companion app named Air(unknown) I use too. – 04:44 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough he was here on book tour. goddamn criminal what was done to him, the fuckers. 1st obvious hint how far gone the US was getting. – 05:52 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough indeed. some of it’s in the book. he was hounded out of journalism, basically. there’s a book & a movie about it, even. – 08:01 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough book:​Kill-Messenger… – 08:02 PM GMT
@JoeTheDough and then of course he apparently killed himself, although with two shots to the head. – 08:04 PM GMT