RT: @AndrewLiptak: Amazon’s pilot of PKD’s Man in the High Castle is now up: amazon.com/​gp/​product/​B00… – 06:00 PM GMT
Thinking about the irony of “Sniper” getting a nomination at the expense of “Selma”, I started googling on snipers in Iraq. Just curiosity. – 07:40 PM GMT
Immediately found this long 2006 NPR piece on a civilian shot by a US sniper (who was not acting as a sniper). npr.org/​templates/​stor… – 07:41 PM GMT
Impossible to read that piece and look at the diagrams and not think of Ferguson. The sniper was found to have engaged properly. – 07:42 PM GMT
That’s not saying Cooper didn’t turn in an award-worthy performance, or that Eastwood doesn’t make thoughtful movies about violence. – 07:45 PM GMT
but, uh, MLK was shot in the head from a distance. – 07:49 PM GMT
@agent_cooper that’s my impression, based on the 2013 NYer piece. or possibly war-damaged and compensating. or both. newyorker.com/​magazine/​2013/​… – 10:18 PM GMT
@surlygourmand Viv wants French tomorrow. I’m, of course, talking about dinner. Where should I take her? /braces for it – 10:28 PM GMT
@surlygourmand Northgate area, Seattle. – 10:47 PM GMT