every now & then I notice the 2011 drawing of my now-dead dog Rocket on my header, and I’m like, damn, *I* did that? pic.twitter.com/​zOmoSkrepw – 12:06 AM GMT
man on NPR in handwringing tone says “looks like they got something” re waterboarding, then goes to detail how they got nothing. Fuck you. – 01:16 AM GMT
@deathmtn “gladsiding” excellent – 01:43 AM GMT
@zipties i have in possession (wait, maybe it’s at my folks’) a 1950s Stratego and it, original though it is, in no way resembles this – 01:49 AM GMT
huh, the grey-box wooden-piece Hasbro Stratego set I grew up with is internet-invisible. – 01:54 AM GMT
@zipties ours was a longbox with an allover grey-burlap pattern and some vague red and blue military imagery. – 01:56 AM GMT
@zipties plastic pieces appear associated with an MB license circa 1962. Hasbro boxes associated with the wood pieces more deluxe than ours. – 01:58 AM GMT
@zipties a ha! ours was an MB version, first image here. ultrastratego.com/​history.php – 02:00 AM GMT
@mathowie @maxsparber my wife, who has “everything is awesome” as her ringtone, says, “oh i believe that” with sincerity – 02:23 AM GMT
@maxsparber @mathowie it’s wurra purty, and very ambitious. we were knocked out. @arthurwyatt said he liked HTTYD1 better. – 05:18 AM GMT
watching a *quite* peculiar pelicula, “The Ruling Class,” 1972, produced by and starring Peter O’Toole. Holy shit, what the fuck is this? – 05:24 AM GMT
RT: @naxuu: reminder that a bunch of tech bro douches named their company Genius – 05:30 AM GMT
seriously, this movie is NUTS – 05:54 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt well actually – 08:08 AM GMT
@alan_maguire amazon.com/​Space/​dp/​B000T… – 11:59 AM GMT
@alan_maguire spoiler: everybody dies – 12:00 PM GMT
Pretty sure if you care you worked this out already, but this is helpful: blogs.mediapart.fr/​blog/​olivier-t… – 05:11 PM GMT