RT: @ClosureFilm: We hope this holiday season finds you in the presence of family–whether by birth, foster, or adoption. #BlackSanta pic.twitter.com/​8DWhOvH5Z9 – 12:03 AM GMT
@elizarde those are our colors/colours, ent they? neato. – 12:07 AM GMT
@elizarde @kelliebob that’s why they put the juniper in. to hide the flavor of rot. – 12:29 AM GMT
RT: @Medievalists: The coming of the Christmas Visitors…Folk legends concerning the attacks on Icelanders made by spirits at Christmas ow.ly/​GoWOm – 03:14 AM GMT
@mathowie you there what day is this yes you ragamuffin moppet you – 05:11 AM GMT
sixty five degrees at 1 am. – 05:43 AM GMT
@gjcharlet are you *still* up, or roused by childs? – 11:53 AM GMT
@gjcharlet ah, with the leaping from bed and wondering eyes and all – 12:06 PM GMT
RT: @PRISM_NSA: Just quietly putting this out there on a day we hope you’re too busy stuffing your faces with turkey to notice bloomberg.com/​news/​2014-12-2… – 04:01 PM GMT
@gjcharlet you know, the obvious next step here is to set up Aunt Gladys’ twitter account where she’s looking for her cake. – 04:03 PM GMT
@gjcharlet poor Aunt Gladys – 04:05 PM GMT
@phirephoenix yaaaay congrats! – 07:25 PM GMT
HELL YES. Think Geek spacesuit hoodie! – 08:12 PM GMT
@earinc @fantagraphics #3 arrives at destination pic.twitter.com/​4I9FsIn018 – 09:07 PM GMT
5:05p: still opening presents, one at a time – 10:06 PM GMT
@esinclai concentrating on showing appropriate presbyterian reverence for the act of giving – 10:08 PM GMT