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When I was 12 I joined a freeform cable radio station, WQAX. Over the years I got kicked out and rejoined at least twice, I think. – 02:57 AM GMT
The earliest advocate for punk at the station was a college kid with an orange ’78 new wave mullet and a DIY stenciled Buzzcocks shirt. – 02:59 AM GMT
His name was Gary Indiana. Makes sense, since the station was in Bloomington, Indiana. He passionately defended punk at staff meetings. – 03:01 AM GMT
He had to do this because the majority of the staff, well meaning and free souls that they were, found the leather and rage waaay scary. – 03:01 AM GMT
Bellbottoms and flip-flops were more their speed. Anyway, I moved away for a while and when I came back he was gone, graduated or who knows. – 03:03 AM GMT
Then in the mid-80s I started seeing great art criticism written from the perspective of a downtown scene New Yorker named Gary Indiana. – 03:04 AM GMT
This guy: en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Gary_Indi… – 03:04 AM GMT
For years, decades, really, I thought my Gary and that Gary were the same guy. But, as telegraphed here, they are not. – 03:05 AM GMT
Except that in my head, sort of, they actually really are. Anyway. Pareidolia: sometimes weirdly useful. – 03:06 AM GMT
.@esinclai for a while I wondered if orange mullet Gary was an embodied mondegreen. But then he Facebook friended me, as Gary Indiana. – 03:09 AM GMT
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@LeavittAlone at 6:55a stick your head out the window and wave in the direction of Newark or at the descending planes generally – 07:47 AM GMT
awesome! drunk guy in the rear of the plane falling down in yhe aisle and TWO loud passenger ralphers. MMMhmm – 08:24 AM GMT
@DanEngler the missing vintage items likely belong to an old client of @manwhoyells – 09:39 PM GMT