Mr. Petersen from Bob Newhart is the piano player in Altman’s “The Long Goodbye” – 03:31 AM GMT
@RobPeoni @annkpowers Ann you should ask Rob about his gig, really you should – 04:08 AM GMT
@wasta you yourself have stated “there is no work here, only pain” – 05:53 AM GMT
@wasta yes, word on the, um, what, housekeeping circuit is that we don’t wanna know – 05:55 AM GMT
@gjcharlet your next move here must clearly be promotional hourglasses – 05:17 PM GMT
@brownpau @airandspace is that *back* to Milestones? I remember it hanging over a gallery entrance in the 70s. Guess maybe that was Space. – 07:30 PM GMT
@cstross my buddy @arthurwyatt’s daughter is named India and this struck me as disorienting but plausible – 11:19 PM GMT