@tclancy My punk rock compadre Yukki has been Bostonian for nigh on 30 years, I suspect he may want to drive up. – 05:49 AM GMT
so there i was readin my nooyawkuh when BAM my pilgrim pal and my bud’s pop. woah! (cough @johnpstrohm @LeVostreGC) pic.twitter.com/KAep5sMotq – 08:13 AM GMT
@esinclai @johnpstrohm @LeVostreGC @esinclai @johnpstrohm @LeVostreGC inorite? london urbscape book! yaaaay /grover arms cc @sumit – 12:46 PM GMT
ha! in-browser Lunar Lander, tablet-friendly! moonlander.seb.ly – 02:36 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm easy street from here on out! OTOH, if his pubs get it set as a standard textbook… (I saw @LeVostreGC allude to it a bit ago) – 02:38 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm bundling. you & @LeVostreGC here collab on all-Chaucerized covers LP. big appeal to AP HS English teachers, school boards. hit! – 02:59 PM GMT
Another Interstellar take at Vulture vulture.com/2014/11/inters… – 03:26 PM GMT
movie that evoked derisive laughter and SF nerd frustration from me during the screening, I sure am thinking about Interstellar a lot – 03:29 PM GMT
so maybe it’s better than I thought, despite the flaws (which, as noted, appeared to me structural, probably procedural, and technical) – 03:31 PM GMT
meh, that vice link is a mess. the writer doesn’t understand the actual words they are using. – 03:35 PM GMT
“The narrative emphasizes analog communication through binary pings, Morse code, and the second hand of a watch.” – 03:36 PM GMT
As if binary could be considered analog, or as if the encoded message is analog because the watch itself is analog. so, like, never mind. – 03:37 PM GMT
d’oh, not vice. vulture. i too m dum – 03:40 PM GMT
oh, this one’s better. no wonder i was annoyed – there’s plot holes in the plot holes! vulture.com/2014/11/21-thi… – 03:47 PM GMT
@esinclai no, but they do note how strange the directorial use of him is. they literally cite the moment when one asks, “wait, is that…” – 03:57 PM GMT
Wow, full-on video interstitial to access free airport wifi. I mean ok, what took you so long? But also yeesh. – 11:28 PM GMT
Also seventiestastic aor softrock soundtrack. Nothing, NOTHING, could be more Alaskan. – 11:30 PM GMT
Busiest travel day of the year pic.twitter.com/P8qT1EGvbn – 11:49 PM GMT