both films (as well, as, for that matter, Oblivion, which is really to slight to consider) mistake motley for new cloth and, well, unravel – 10:11 AM GMT
the thing that really drove me nuts was the thoughtless inclusion of needless crap. “You were the best pilot we ever had, Cooper.” Come on. – 10:13 AM GMT
And why hit the Signs / Field of Dreams stuff so hard? You need the room and the relationship, sure. But an hour of setup? – 10:15 AM GMT
Anyway, overall I liked it. I still like Inception, fwiw, but hated “occupy gotham”. Hope Nolan learns to say no or hires a story editor. – 10:17 AM GMT
@praguepainter whoooo – 10:17 AM GMT
@tracicle i have not seen Lucy yet. I did see Her this year, which I thought was pretty darn good. – 04:54 PM GMT
@esinclai @macbikegeek ah, easy mistake. City of God is a clear predecessor to Children of Men. Nussbaum piece? – 04:55 PM GMT
@esinclai @macbikegeek ah, followed the thread up – 04:56 PM GMT
@ftrain kick-fucking-ass. – 05:20 PM GMT
RT: @ftrain: Vice asked last week if I could write some flash sci-fi about Uber. This was incredibly fun to do:… – 05:20 PM GMT
Seriously, that Paul Ford story is super genius – 05:28 PM GMT
@DanEngler thankfully, film did not use the b-word and only once relied on a sexist feminine gender trope. the masculine one was pervasive. – 05:36 PM GMT
also, why include Signs / Field of Dreams homage at all? wevs – 05:37 PM GMT
RT: @alan_maguire: Are you stuck in a literal hole in the ground? Follow us for tips and tricks!————Promoted by The Hole-Getting-Outters Association – 05:38 PM GMT
RESOLVED: a battered house in a cornfield shall now forever stand as a signifier of ghostly familial visitation. Straight cut-ins will do. – 05:42 PM GMT
@clarissawam @metpoliceuk you mean like where cops go undercover for years and make babies in their covert identity? – 07:21 PM GMT
@mathowie DULY NOTED so the plan is beignets next, right? – 08:01 PM GMT
@mathowie prolly they knew it was you and were like, “pancakes, yo” – 08:05 PM GMT
@poupou hmm. is that indicative of *liking* that section or *disliking* the space stuff? Do you reliably like the farmhouse / field setting? – 10:57 PM GMT
@poupou I mean I imagine you are responding to the film in front of you rather than the setting as a genre element, and that’s interesting – 10:58 PM GMT
.@poupou sort of Beasts of the Southern Wild or Looper, maybe? I can dig it. Ha! Looper! Another family farmhouse in SF/F! – 11:01 PM GMT
Ultimately we cannot blame M. Knight or Kevin Costner for the farmhouses. We must hold Bradbury ultimately responsible. – 11:02 PM GMT
No, seriously, it’s been a trope now since him. I bet if I peer hard enough into this 1948 television, I can find an ur-house. Lovecraft? – 11:04 PM GMT
@poupou oh yeah? rectify this immediately! “Beasts” is better than “Looper” but they are both pretty cool. Eco-dystopian futures. – 11:05 PM GMT
@poupou well, maybe Terminator, but you have to squint: rogue military AI as plot element. in story, Cooper has to also gravity-wizard it. – 11:06 PM GMT
@esinclai post Ray, imma say. Plus Ray wrote for Rod. – 11:07 PM GMT
@esinclai No farmhouses there, I think. water-harvesting ecotopias and planetary urbs. could be wrong, he wrote a lot. – 11:09 PM GMT
“A Wrinkle in Time,” for god’s sake: THEY EVEN CALL THE INFINITE BEDROOM LIBRARY A TESSERACT. Borges, too, obvs – 11:10 PM GMT
@DanEngler kindly old revenant grandma setting out the handwavium pies – 11:11 PM GMT
@surlygourmand CORN CASSEROLE and CORN ON THE COB mmmm – 11:11 PM GMT
@DanEngler settin on the mastaba pluckin the bullhead harp, swilling something not quite whiskey – 11:14 PM GMT
@poupou but should regain you at ‘starring J-G Levitt’ – 11:14 PM GMT
@surlygourmand heh, yes. although i should rewatch that more critically, as I kinda get skeptical now – 11:15 PM GMT
@surlygourmand i was thunderstruck by it technically and by its debt to Gene Wolfe (his Latro books introduce the amnesia mechanism) – 11:17 PM GMT
anyway. gotta leave the farmhouse to walk the dog. keep the fambly ghosts in line for me. – 11:18 PM GMT
@poupou literal broseff. BRO-SF HA HA HAcall the chipopo – 11:53 PM GMT