Apparent real black bearskin rug at Lake City Way Value Village this morning. Bemused by this. Did not get price, deets. Ugly sweater party? – 12:34 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt just now noticed yr badass avatar. looking forward to seeing it IRL someday. hm, my local ups store has a 3d printer… – 01:38 AM GMT
I posted about this on FB yesterday. Still worked up. AAAAHHHH – 02:35 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt tell sovfab to get on the stickny – 07:02 AM GMT
@sumit and it’s the One True* ship! I KISS YOU*well, 1701-D is too – 04:40 PM GMT
@Sherman_Alexie you are KILLING IT on the radio hoops fan. SING IT. – 06:46 PM GMT
@praguepainter dry and hard as a rock – 08:25 PM GMT
oh for the love of god both the dog and the cat are snoring. it’s very soothing and perhaps I should just – 08:32 PM GMT