@johnmoe john, it’s not the same place it was. it’s infinitely more stupid and entitled. – 01:36 AM GMT
@johnmoe i liked it when there were bears and Ernie Steele on Broadway. – 03:22 AM GMT
@johnmoe ’38 Rainiers!ok ok i got that outen a book but still – 03:32 AM GMT
Jodorowsky’s Le Tarot des Chats – ebay.com/itm/3810493371… – 07:32 AM GMT
@DanEngler never get out of the goddamn boat – 06:05 PM GMT
@ftrain “if he did not literally mean we’re going to spy on the press, then what was Michael trying to say?” OMG – 06:36 PM GMT
@ftrain also, i think maybe he’s trying to say this is really about ethics in technology journalism – 06:38 PM GMT
@ftrain in fact, that’s both what the Uber guy thinks he said and what Wolff is actually trying to say – 06:48 PM GMT