“Too Much Johnson” hurr hurr hurr. Well done, Orson. – 02:14 AM GMT
@poupou too many cooks – 06:43 AM GMT
It takes a lot to make a stew but when it comes to me and you and him, and her, and the baby too screen.genius.com/Adult-swim-too… – 08:18 AM GMT
word on home depot website is sensor clusters are in fact replaceable. great, light fixtures w/a toner-like consumables model. disrupting! – 08:20 AM GMT
fuck you, university of chicago economist school, you and the horse you rode in on – 08:21 AM GMT
RT: @calamityjon: Let’s see, The Watcher, ROM, Machine Man and the Micronauts pic.twitter.com/kGA32QxTPS – 08:21 AM GMT
RT: @bradleystein: Washington State has legal weed, legal gay marriage, and now, even stricter gun laws. Oh, and we also have America’s fastest growing city. – 08:31 AM GMT
@brownpau airships.net/us-navy-rigid-… – 08:42 AM GMT
@poupou @zipties Well maybe too many cooks will spoil the broth but they’ll fill our hearts with so much, so much love – 08:03 PM GMT
@naxuu BOOM too many cooks thinkpieces OWNED in 140 – 08:09 PM GMT
attention @anildash twitter.com/DieRobinsonDie… – 08:11 PM GMT