@egypturnash do you use a Wacom? Can’t you assign stuff to the pen menu flyouts? – 02:27 AM GMT
had to go to a Thing and leave a thunder-freaked dog alone. Man is he glad I’m back. – 02:30 AM GMT
going full bachelor. cold leftover pork stew on stale, possibly moldy burger bun over sink. don’t want to add to dish pile. – 03:29 AM GMT
followed by full-on back to back mainlining marathon of The Thin Man movies with an option to roll noir or Hitch as desired. yeeeah – 03:38 AM GMT
allow me to re-emphasize: THIN MAN MOVIES – 03:49 AM GMT
@egypturnash it’s your axe! how aggravating. i used to use a third-party application to roll-my-own back in pre OSX days, but not lately. – 05:09 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone blackbirds, obvs – 07:01 AM GMT
just this very second realized that “the die is cast” refers to metal manufacturing, not rolling dice – 05:22 PM GMT
@clarissawam interesting, no, i definitely just read a cite where it referred to metal casting. link in a moment. – 05:26 PM GMT
@clarissawam sabr.org/bioproj/person… page search “die was cast,” section referring to the subject’s character formation – 05:28 PM GMT
@clarissawam but obv. Caesar has temporal precedence, so SABR writer has mangled the reference. but in an elegant and inventive way! – 05:29 PM GMT
Just watched what can only be described as a small tsunami come ashore on Puget Sound – 07:12 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt saw that (not in person) – had to drive right as the evening storm rolled through. literal blinding rain. – 09:42 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt the tsunami thing was totally interesting and unsettling. watched it roll across the sound for 30 minutes. – 09:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt throwing up breakers at midsound, about four feet high, then when it came ashore it rolled about fifteen feet more inland – 09:44 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt but never got tall as it climbed the shoulder of the sound floor. then about 30 mins later, a small echo wave. – 09:45 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt as if the Sound was being sloshed back and forth. there was a quake in kent at 9:30, but this was at noon. who knows. – 09:46 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt alert Fox Mulder! – 10:24 PM GMT
@gjcharlet i did this exact thing to my sister’s hair in the ICU. – 11:12 PM GMT
@gjcharlet you should maybe look for something for her to keep the hair in. that was why i did it; she may not have it in mind. – 11:16 PM GMT
@gjcharlet when i handle Suzy’s hair, my body heat activates her scent, still, 30 years later. – 11:18 PM GMT