Four news choppers over my neighborhood – it borders the freeway, and the P-I reports that the freeway-blocking tactic is in use. I hate hearing ’em over the house – it means beatings and tear gas.

Even if it means that I have not see the haul-away vans that often show up when the choppers do. I’ve heard that lots of cops are on National Guard call-up – I wonder if that means the SWAT samurai-vaders are Over There?

Interesting war link:

The Agonist is doing a blow-by-blow. Don’t miss his Annex. He points out, among other things, that Rand Beers, formerly the top U. S. anti-terror official, has resigned, apparently over concerns about the war’s impact on domestic security.

On a less gloomy note, Eric Sooros is getting married, and Kurt Easterwood and his wife Naoko are new parents in Japan, my friend John Strohm will be in town or is already, and the crows above Capitol Hill are still dive bombing that red-tailed hawk.