Don’t touch that dial: Salam (I think!), in Baghdad, blogs the bombing. Or whatever it is at the moment.

I suspect he’ll end up offline pretty quick since you’d figure phone lines will be the first things they try to knock out.

from a March 16 post:

Do support democracy in Iraq. But don’t equate it with war. What will happen is something that could/should have been avoided. Don’t expect me to wear a [I heart bush] t-shirt. Support democracy in Iraq not by bombing us to hell and then trying to build it up again (well that is going to happen any way) not by sending human shields (let’s be real the war is going to happen and Saddam will use you as hostages), but by keeping an eye on what will happen after the war.

I found this, of course, at MetaFilter, which appears a mite slow just now.