@gjcharlet two gigs a day? hellz naw. – 12:14 AM GMT
Hey tweeps – I need a compact mac BT kbd, similar to the A1314. However I would like two add’l features: backlit and pointy device onboard. – 08:43 PM GMT
this lacks only the pointing device: amazon.com/gp/product/B00… – 08:44 PM GMT
I have this, but it lasks backlight and does not have dual side cmd-set keys. newegg.com/Product/Produc… – 08:48 PM GMT
*lacks – 08:49 PM GMT
RT: @whybark: A good user experience is forcing your users to listen to “(I just) died in your arms tonight”. No play/pause/stop controls. Just romance. – 08:52 PM GMT
.@egreco @wacom any change here? I’m in the same boat, it seems. fuckity fuck. have a huge project I need to complete yesterday. – 10:13 PM GMT
@egreco @wacom resolution: uninstall drivers using Wacom Tablet Utility located in Applications / Wacom Tablet, reinstall drivers, reboot – 11:02 PM GMT