i have been a monogamous romantic life partner to my wife for more than twenty years now. huh, although the anniversary’s in July. – 06:44 AM GMT
perhaps it’s our mutual inability to understand one another. – 06:45 AM GMT
RT: @MrT: 13 years ago today America was attacked. But We Fought Back! ‘Cause that’s what We Do! ‘Til The Last Man Standing! – 06:47 AM GMT
please note Mr. T encompasses and exceeds irony as needed on the part of the media consumer with no performer volition or involvement – 06:48 AM GMT
RT: @surlygourmand: Fuck you Apple, why don’t you give me the new Suicide Silence album for free. – 06:50 AM GMT
RT: @jkonrath: If I was a baseball player, my walkup music would be “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” by Boy George – 06:54 AM GMT
@lakefxdan last july – 03:16 PM GMT