RT: @anildash: Ideally, tomorrow’s presentation will be Apple spending 2.5 hours talking about an incremental bump in processor speed on the Mac Mini. – 01:02 AM GMT
@ericweddle sorry to hear it, Eric! – 01:04 AM GMT
RT: @naxuu: @naxuu why are people fav’ing and RT’ing this, even i’m not sure what it means – 01:08 AM GMT
RT: @DanEngler: You know what I don’t miss? Wearing a watch. – 05:04 AM GMT
oh for god’s sake. HENRY KISSINGER? He’s a WAR CRIMINAL! Why are you propping up his bloviating yap? – 04:13 PM GMT
@kystokes vandals – 04:15 PM GMT
@esinclai apparently he’s up to something. Hillary did some kind of media event with him last week. Fills me with rage. Chile is his fault. – 04:17 PM GMT
@esinclai at least the host is now asking him about the Church commission, with polite deference. – 04:18 PM GMT
@esinclai he just told the host that it was inappropriate of him to question the actions of “serious people” forty years ago. Fuck you Henry – 04:20 PM GMT