Found my way to the work of KJ Parker via this ish of Subterranean.… – 05:56 AM GMT
I love Parker’s prose and the elegance of observation in the work. Every ten paragraphs I clock a little gracenote and sigh in pleasure. – 05:57 AM GMT
Speaking of Subterranean, guess it’s curtains for the mag, which is a darn shame. Parker and Reynolds both there.… – 05:59 AM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt yaaay /grover arms – 11:39 PM GMT
RT: @notepadconf: I knew this Markdown nonsense would end badly. Welcome back to plaintext. – 11:41 PM GMT
i had thought my time as host to parasitic viral invaders had come to an end. according to my intense need to lie down, it is not. – 11:42 PM GMT