my grandfather had two careers. – 12:38 AM GMT
Until the late 1920s or early 1930s he was a tenant farmer in northern Missouri near the town of Bethany in Harrison County. – 12:39 AM GMT
Then the Depression made that untenable, and he moved the family to Washington State’s Yakima Valley, where my mother was born. – 12:40 AM GMT
While they got settled, the family performed harvest labor, for a couple of years. Picking apples and so forth. No long distance travel. – 12:42 AM GMT
Eventually he was hired as a logging truck driver, and did that for just about thirty years, I think. Mack semis, up and down the mountains. – 12:44 AM GMT
He smoked Camel straights and continued to smoke after he retired. He died of lung cancer in summer 1978. He was a kind, funny man. – 12:44 AM GMT
He cooked a sit down dinner for my grandma, my mom, my aunt, and my uncle every day after his shift. His huge hands peeling potatoes. – 12:46 AM GMT
clipping and steaming green beans, setting the table, rumbling laughte – 12:46 AM GMT
he would be amused that i see such inspiration in his actions and his choices, i’m sure. he was a huge man. i still smell him sometimes. – 12:47 AM GMT
when i wear a vintage plaid wool flannel, the sensation i receive from it is a sense memory of being held in his arms. Wish we’d had longer. – 12:49 AM GMT
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@matthetube jim hogshire in kuow piece on Seattle car/rv homeless this morning. sounded cranky. no story posted on kuow site that i saw. – 02:08 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt are you taking time off? – 03:32 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt natch. well, LMK if a pint time opens up. – 03:35 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt and you say thank you sir – 03:35 PM GMT
ugh sore throatbut also $10 DVI LCD old monitor score – 07:41 PM GMT