@deathmtn youtu.be/ku4hZcq1B0Q – 02:01 AM GMT
Years late, reading Reynolds’ “Revelation Space.” Constantly irritated by poor word choices. The man could have benefited from an editor. – 06:48 AM GMT
“The gatehouses were surmounted by sculptural Amarantin heads, in a not-quite-realistic style reminiscent of Yucatan art.” – 06:56 AM GMT
Presumably “Yucatan art” is intended as equivalent to “Mayan art,” but that is not what was written. “Yucatec art,” I think, might be best. – 06:58 AM GMT
I’ll just do this a couple more times when I hit a burr like that in order to be sure I’m not imagining it. – 06:59 AM GMT
“The blow was relatively soft … but, gashing into her side, it was still sufficient to send her sprawling into the grass.” – 07:17 AM GMT
Delivering the blow is a large bamboo flute, and we are told the blow was pulled. “Gashing” needs a blade. “Bashing” is the right word here. – 07:19 AM GMT
i maybe have… a cold? – 02:58 PM GMT
@whybark inorite – 11:30 PM GMT
RT: @npratc: Tonight we have LIVE COVERAGE of the British burning of Washington, D.C. (200 years late) n.pr/1wevfd6 pic.twitter.com/TJmiyWGN3d – 11:37 PM GMT
definitely overly entertained by this ATC stunt – 11:44 PM GMT
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