@arthurwyatt that’s the twist – 12:14 AM GMT
A prop from the next Dredd movie? pic.twitter.com/l4uz43N9AH – 01:40 AM GMT
RT: @earinc: It’s taken months, but all my hard work has paid off and damn if I ain’t gonna flaunt it. #ComicCon2014 pic.twitter.com/4T2bBH7sXk – 03:51 AM GMT
.@DanEngler NOT POOR FORM – 06:14 PM GMT
.@mubay @DanEngler i have it on good authority poor form is careful, annoyed reporting of UI schmutz, inconsistencies, and the like – 09:55 PM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt actually first we have to talk about it for a decade, then build it on artificial ice piers driven into the sawdust – 09:58 PM GMT
.@arthurwyatt @hell0jed and retroactively apply adjustable price tolling to non-toll roads without public debate – 10:28 PM GMT